Welcome to Winnova Solutions

Winnova Solutions is an emerging Business Organization which is connected with LUCID from the grassroots right up to the top of the tree with true Business Discovery and accurate intelligence for the entire business and in real time.

Health Care

Winnova help you manage all the activities like better data management across collaborating partners, better clinical trials, Supply Chain managaement, Manufacturing and Distribution, and even track post-market issues for better pharmacovigilance.


LUCID is rapidly implemented to minimize disruptions and highly scalable to deliver ongoing ROI. This is done with advanced and intuitive administration tools that help IT ensure the availability, reliability, and security of business data


Winnova has the power to Integrate your Sales and Marketing efforts so that two teams work more effectively together and rely on a powerful Business Discovery platform that empowers users to access the insight when and where they need it.

Who We Are

A Business Model Built for Insight

We help your sales and marketing teams achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness, your clinical and operations teams to excel, and your finance, compliance, and HR teams to maximize profit and productivity in the life sciences industry. With LUCID we are able to access Information anyplace and anytime. That puts us in a position of trust with our customers and partners.

What We Do

LUCID for Life Sciences

  • Partnering for Innovation and Sustainable Growth
  • Delivering Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Providing the Competitive Advantage

What People Are Saying

We don't build in order to have clients. We have clients in order to build.

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